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MENA Solar Brief

West Bank solar industry could fuel Palestinian energy independence

Connecting 1,000 megawatts of solar now and an additional 1,000 megawatts in a later phase could “make the West Bank the greenest solar territory on the planet,” according to Yosef Abramowitz, CEO of Energyia Global and a co-founder of both Israel and East Africa’s solar sectors. Abramowitz drafted a detailed plan for future Palestinian solar infrastructure, which will be published next week in the Palestine-Israel Journal, in an article titled “Blair’s Missing Peace: Solar Power for (Energy) Independence.” The Jerusalem Post exclusively obtained the article prior to the issue’s October 21 launch.

“Putting forward a solar vision for the Palestinians is consistent with the stated Likud-government’s policy of two states for two peoples,” Abramowitz told the Post, prior to the journal’s publication. “I am not making a political statement on the conflict, rather an environmental statement that all peoples need to quickly switch their energy economies from burning fossil fuels to renewables.”

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