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Egypt releases program requirements for renewable energy feed-in tariff qualifications

As reported by Eversheds, the Government of Egypt (GoE) represented by the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy (MoERE) have adopted a feed-in tariff scheme for both solar and wind energy as a part of larger supporting scheme for renewable energy. According to this scheme both the transmission (EETC) and distribution (DCs) electricity companies are committed to purchase the produced electricity from both solar and wind at the prices, which has been set by the Cabinet. Based on this scheme the GoE will not subsidize the purchased energy from renewable energy producers. The cost bared for the feed-in tariff will be passed through to consumers, and a feed-in tariff allowance, collection and disbursement regulations will be set by the Egyptian Electricity Regulatory Agency (EgyptERA).

A further update on the Requirements for Qualifications and answers to frequently asked questions have also been released by the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency. You can access translations of these documents by clicking the two links below:

Requirements for Qualifications
Frequently Asked Questions